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We Take Pride in Providing Quality Affordable Residential Service          

Our employees are: Knowledgeable, A+ certified, customer oriented, and strive to exceed our customers expectations.

In most cases we can provide service the next business day.

    We Know Technology and Computers


    For $995 we set up a brand new powerful windows computer.

    This computer will meet all your needs for many years to come.  The price includes network configuring, account and email setup, virus setup, windows updates, and a tutorial of the many features your new PC has.  We want to make sure you are comfortable using your new purchase.

    If you have an older PC, we can transfer all your files to your new PC. 

    The special of the month price includes the computer tower, keyboard and mouse. If you need a monitor, speakers, or other peripherals, we can provide that at an additional cost.

    Please tell us what is your goal for having a new computer.   Whether you want to surf the web, pay bills online, or video conferencing with family we will help you achieve your goals.

    Optional Peripherals: 
    • Monitor
    • External Hard drives
    • Speakers
    • Router
    • Switch
    • Microphone
    • Video Camera

    If you don’t want to keep your old PC, we can completely erase its hard drive and recycle your old system.
    If you have any trouble after everything is set up, we will work with you to get it resolved, whether it’s over the phone, with remote assistance, or in person.

    We provide 60 day warranty and support, free of charge.

    We are here to serve you, if you would like for us to custom build a PC we can do it. Please complete our online form by clicking Contact Us


    Our Residential Services          


    Computer Hardware & Software Repair:             

    • Data Recovery
    • Desktop & Laptop Repair
    • Hard Drive Recovery
    • Spyware Removal
    • System Restoration
    • Virus Removal

    • Tech Diagnostic
    • Data Help
    • Data Migration
    • Email Help
    • Mobile Device Help
    • Network Help
    • Printer Help
    • Software Help
    • Training

    Computer Maintenance:

    • Data Backup
    • General Maintenance
    • Hardware Upgrades
    • PC Rollouts
    • Software Installation & upgrades
    • Tune Up
    • Network Configuration
    • Network Wiring
    • VPN Setup & Support
    • Wired & Wireless LAN Setup
    • Firewall Installation
    • Wireless Networking
    • Router & Server Installation