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Frequently asked Questions


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Question: What are your hours of operation?
Computer Solutions & Training is open five days a week, with the exception of major holidays.

·        Monday:       9am to 5pm

·        Tuesday:      9am to 5pm

·        Wednesday: 9am to 5pm

·        Thursday:    9am to 5pm

·        Friday:         9am to 5pm

·        Saturday:     Closed

·        Sunday:       Closed

Question: Does Computer Solutions and Training have a Yelp or a Facebook page?
We do have both a Yelp and a Facebook page! 

Yelp page can be found here: Yelp
Facebook page can be found here: Facebook

Question: I would like to call Computer Solutions and Training, but I do not see a phone number on the "Contact Us" page, what's the deal?

The phone number can be obtained from the "Contact Us" Page, it may be obtained by clicking the link below the contact form.  The number is (360) 453-7082.  The "deal" is we prefer for the form to be filled out first, so that we can have an idea of what assistance is requested and we may have a specialist contact you back about your request. However, if you prefer to just call us directly instead of completing the form, you may do so and we will do our very best to help.

Question: In Career Opportunities, it states "A+ certification required" for certified technician, is that "really" a requirement?
At computer solutions and training, Yes it is.
We know that many of our competitors have technicians who are not A+ certified. With that said, we believe that A+ certification is vitally important as it ensures the technician have the basic knowledge to do their jobs.  

Question: Why does the form have a space for a referral?
Computer Solutions & Training has a referral program. If someone recommended us to you, please put his or her name (or account number?). Not only will they receive rewards for referring you, but you will also.

Question: If I enter a referral code, do I still qualify for any new customer promotions that I see on your site?

Yes, the referral rewards can be combined with any other discounts, including new customer promotions.

Question: Are there any rewards or discounts once I do business with Computer Solutions & Training?

Yes, there are many. From priority service to 5% off all future labor/training discounts.

Question: How can you keep your prices so competitive compared to other bigger players?

We keep our cost down and pass on the savings to our customers.

Question: Are your employees just as competent/educated/knowledgeable as your competitors?

From our research our employees are more competent/educated/knowledgeable than our competitors. Our trainers possess Master degrees from accredited universities and our techs have A+ and other computer certifications. Our employees continuously learn and keep up with changing business culture and technology.

Question: What is the latest that I can schedule an appointment for?

The latest appointment that can be scheduled is at 7 pm.

Question: I want to pick out and order my own computer, would you be able to set it up for me and transfer all my files from my old one.

Absolutely, please contact us and we will schedule an appointment.

Question? Is there a flat fee for Computer Solutions & Training to set up my own new/used computer?

Our flat fee prices are based on experience with how long a typical project will take us to complete. If you provide your own computer, please email or give us a call and we can give you a more specific price when we know what we are setting up.

Question: Does Computer Solutions & Training make sure my computer is safe when I surf the internet by installing an antivirus?

Yes we do.

Question: I need help learning how to use my computer; will I be charged Training or Support rate?

If you need to learn how to use your computer, you will have a Trainer come out and show you. If a computer feature does not work that should, you will have a tech come out and charge support rate.

Question: What is your motto?

Technological savvy experts, working hard to meet your everyday needs.

Question: I have a small business, would Computer Solutions & Training be willing to provide training or tech support for my business?


Question: Why should I hire Computer Solutions & Training instead of your competitor?

We are a customer-oriented company.  We provide friendly and helpful service.  We work with the customer to achieve his/her goal and go the extra mile.  We show, explain, and provide personalized assistance afterwards to ensure the customer is satisfied with our service.